KNLTB post-season league

About the competition

Amstelpark is also participating fully in the KNLTB competition in the fall. This competition is played in September and October. With a large number of men’s, women’s and mixed teams, we will compete against clubs in the area after the summer. A really fun way to play exciting weekly tennis matches as a team.

To participate in the Off season Competition, you must first be a member of Tennisclub Amstelpark. Members of Tennis Club Amstelpark can sign up to participate in the league for a small league fee:

  • Full Membership: €30 per person.
  • Daytime Membership: €30 per person and €90 per person to come out on weekends or evenings.

Sign up in June and July for the fall league at

You can sign up individually, but of course it is also possible to put together an entire team yourself. As long as all players are members of the club, we can request a team for you. It is then up to the KNLTB to accept our request. Courts and balls are provided by Amstelpark when you play at home.


€30 per person

The costs are €30 with a full membership

with an daytime membership €30 or €90 to play in the evenings or weekends.

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