Tennis lessons

As a recreational player, Amstelpark in Amsterdam offers tennis lessons in groups or privately. Amstelpark employs only professional tennis coaches who give tennis lessons at every level for young and old. For talented juniors, there are the Amstelpark Selection programmes.

Tennis lessons for everyone, from young to old!

Group lessons

Groups are divided according to playing strength and consist of up to 4 people on 1 court or 8 people on 2 courts. The summer season consists of 16 teaching weeks. The winter season consists of 20 lessons. Classes last 50 minutes and you sign up for a class at a set time.

Private lessons

For more individual attention and developing specific (hitting) skills, private tennis lessons are ideal. For a private tennis lesson, you can sign up alone or in pairs.

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Tennis lessons juniors

Amstelpark specialises in training young tennis players. Amstelpark offers tennis lessons for juniors aged 5 to 17. Appropriate court sizes and tennis balls are used for each age group and level of play.

Senior tennis lessons

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced competition player, at Amstelpark you are always in the right place. Je kunt kiezen voor lessen in groepsverband, maar het is natuurlijk ook mogelijk privélessen te volgen voor meer individuele aandacht.

Tennis lesson selection

Amstelpark specialises in training talented young tennis players. The selection training programmes offer talented players professional tennis lessons as well as physical and mental coaching.

Lesson dates

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Meet our trainers

At Amstelpark, we are proud of our passionate and professional tennis coaches. Our team of trainers are ready to share their years of experience and expertise with you.

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