Spring Youth Competition

About the competition

At T.C. Amstelpark, we think it’s extremely important that children play a lot of matches as a team. For this reason, every year we participate with a large number of teams in the KNLTB Spring Competition. By doing more competition, children get even more enjoyment out of his/her tennis. They learn to play matches as a team and they meet with children from other tennis clubs.

Does your child play at home? Then snacks and lemonade will be provided by Amstelpark.

Check out the KNLTB spring league offerings below.


Sign up for the spring competition from 1 November until the end of December via tennis@amstelpark.nl. Teams are formed by the trainers in charge.

Playing dates

Below you can find the playing dates of the KNLTB senior leagues.

Membership T.C. Amstelpark

To play for T.C. Amstelpark in the youth competition, every child must be a member.

Competitions and Age Classification

T.C. Amstelpark participates in the Kia Tenniskids Competition in Red, Orange and Green and the KNLTB Juniors Competition 11-14 years and 13-17 years. 

The different competitions

tenniskids competition

  • Red competition
  • Orange competition
  • Green competition
  • KNLTB junior league (11-14 years & 13-17 years)

Apply from December at tennis@amstelpark.nl


€ 42,50 per child

The cost of participation is €42.50 per child per competition to be paid by direct debit.

The best time to start is now

Register now and play tennis for free until April!