Amstelpark Tennis offers competitions, tournaments, tennis camps and corporate tennis. The tennis club aims to offer something for everyone, from recreational to competitive and individual to team.

We offer both team and individual competitions

Winter competition

Doubles are played during the winter competition. Each team plays 10 60-minute matches. These matches will be played on Sundays. Competition will take place in Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mix, with teams being divided by playing strength

Singles competition

During the winter season, Amstelpark in Amsterdam organises the Singles Competition as ideal preparation for competitions and tournaments in spring. As a participant in this competition, you play a total of five one-hour matches spread over eight match days.

KNLTB competitions

A Full Membership Tennis allows you to participate in the annual KNLTB competitions. Tennis club Amstelpark has a strong presence in both the spring and autumn competitions every year. Amstelpark competes with men’s teams, women’s teams and mixed teams in classes 1 to 7.

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