Youth membership

Become a youth member

Are you between 5 and 17 years old and crazy about tennis? Amstelpark has a special youth membership so you can play tennis all year round on Amstelpark’s available indoor and outdoor courts. You can also join the annual instroom for free and sign up for fun activities.

Membership offer

Now from
€ 50*

*Membership is automatically renewed at the original rate.

Full youth membership

Now from €230,- for €99,-*

*The membership will be automaticallyrenewedfor the original rate(€99,-).

Daytime youth membership

10 – 17 years: from €150,- for €50,-

8 + 9 years: from €135,- for €50,-

5 – 7 jaar: from €120,- for €50,-

*The membership will be automatically renewed for the original rate(€99,-).

The best time to start is now

Register now and start playing tennis!

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