Tennis lessons Juniors

Tennis lessons juniors winter 23/24

As a recreational player, Amstelpark Tennis offers the best tennis lessons in groups or privately. Amstelpark employs only professional tennis trainers and they give tennis lessons at every level for young and old.oeps or private. Lessons are divided by playing strength so you can always play tennis at your level. Classes are held 7 days a week.

About the tennis lessons

Amstelpark offers tennis lessons for juniors aged 5 to 17. Appropriate court sizes and tennis balls are used for each age group and level of play. The colours white, red, orange, green and yellow form the basis of the structure of the lessons.

Classes are held on weekdays after school until 6pm and on weekends in the morning and afternoon. Of course, there are also tournaments and competitions organised so that what has been learnt can be put into practice.

Lesson period

Juniors (9 October 2023 to March 2024)

This lesson period consists of 20 lessons. We ask you to give as much availability as possible. (min 5 teaching hours) All lessons are held on our indoor courts from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 23:00 and at weekends 09:00 – 22:00


The table below lists the courses with the information and prices.

Course Description Number of lessons Price
Cursus Wit Beginnerslessen (4 t/m 10 jaar), max. 10 op 1 baan 20 lessen € 525
Tennis Kids Rood Vervolglessen beginnende jeugd (5 t/m 10 jaar) | max. 10 kinderen op 1 baan 20 lessen € 525
Tennis Kids Oranje Gevorderde jeugd (7 t/m 12 jaar) | max. 8 kinderen op 2 banen 20 lessen € 625
Tennis Kids Groen Gevorderde jeugd (9 t/m 14 jaar) | max. 8 kinderen op 2 banen 20 lessen € 625
Jeugd Blauw Beginnende jeugd (10 t/m 17 jaar) | max. 8 kinderen op 2 banen 20 lessen € 625
Jeugd Geel Gevorderde jeugd (11 t/m 17 jaar) | max. 8 kinderen op 2 banen

20 lessons of 1 hour

20 lessons of 2 hours (weekends only)

€ 625

€ 1025

Privétraining Privétraining voor junioren, max. 2 20 lessen € 2150

Grading tennis lessons

The format of our lessons are based on the age and playing strength of the children. This has been translated through to six phases: White, Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Yellow. Each phase involves different ages, court sizes and ball types. We explain all the colours below.


For children aged 4 to 10, there is Tenniskids White. They learn the basics of tennis and the tennis club through playful exercises. This includes ball and racket skills, such as tap games and ball games with and without a racket, which are tailored to their age and experience.


In Tenniskids Red, children up to 10 years old continue to learn about tennis. They develop basic movement and coordination skills. They participate in fun club activities and play short games in the Red league as part of their team. They can also participate in Tenniskids tournaments, which often last only one day(part). In Red, they use a soft red ball and play on a mini court.


Tenniskids orange focuses on the further development of children aged 7 to 12. They learn new strokes and techniques to eventually play on a big court. In the Orange competition, they play matches as part of a team. They can also participate in one-day Tenniskids tournaments organised nationwide. In Orange, children play with an orange ball on a three-quarter court.

Tenniskids Green are tennis players between 9 and 14 years old. It is the final phase where children prepare for tennis on the whole court. It is the final phase where children prepare for tennis on the entire court. In Green, matches get longer and league tennis plays an important role in the Green league. Tenniskids tournaments for Green often last several days and may be linked to a junior open tournament. In Green, children play with a slow green ball on an entire court.


Juniors Blue are novice youth players between the ages of 10 and 17, who have little experience in tennis. The playing field and balls are adjusted to the player’s level. This stage allows players to develop their skills and take on challenges appropriate to their growing level.


The final youth phase is the Yellow phase. This is aimed at advanced juniors aged 11 to 17. The Yellow Phase is the advanced course after the Green Phase. At this stage, juniors play on an entire tennis court, like adult tennis players. They also use yellow regular tennis balls.

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