Amstelpark Tennis, the place for fun activities! Take part in competitions, tournaments and tennis camps, or play corporate tennis. We offer something for everyone: from relaxed recreational to challenging competitive, individually or in teams. Enjoy all the activities at our club!

Amstelpark organises the best activities!


At Amstelpark, you can take part in challenging competitions! Whether you are an experienced player or just starting out, we have competitions at different levels to suit everyone’s needs.


Many fun tournaments are organised at Amstelpark every year. Join in and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, meet new players and play fun tennis matches.

Tennis camps

At Amstelpark, children experience an unforgettable tennis week during our awesome tennis camps! Under the guidance of professional trainers, they not only have fun but also learn a lot about tennis.



Twice a week, Amstelpark hosts the Toss. During this activity, you can play tennis with other members of Amstelpark without an appointment.

Corporate tennis

Amstelpark in Amsterdam also offers various options for corporate tennis. Corporate tennis for employees, tennis duels between business partners, complete tennis clinics or tournaments

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