KNLTB Competitions

Fun and sporting challenge

Tennisclub Amstelpark participates in several KNLTB competitions every year. Besides playing against other clubs from the IJmond district with a large number of men’s, women’s and mixed teams, we also participate in the national league. Besides the sporting challenge, coming out with a team in the competition is also a lot of fun.


Every year, Tennisclub Amstelpark participates with many teams in the KNLTB competition in the spring. The spring competition is played in the months of April and May.

Spring Youth

At Amstelpark, we believe it is important for children to play many games as a team. For this reason, every year we participate with a large number of teams in the KNLTB Spring Competition.


Also in the autumn, Tennisclub Amstelpark is participating fully in the KNLTB competition. This competition is played in September and October.


Amstelpark Tennis’ selection players can play for Amstelpark in the National Competition. Participation in the National Competition is ideal to advance your competitive game and prepare as a team for the tournament season.

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