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Amstelpark has a long history as a tennis school and has guided many players to the international top. In 1986, Jan de Ruijter, Duncan de Mooij, Hans Puijker and René Moos founded Amstelpark Tennis School on Gustav Mahlerlaan in Amsterdam. In 1996, the tennis school moved to the edge of the Amsterdam Forest.

Netherlands' first professional tennis school


To better understand the history of Amstelpark, we return to the year 1995 when the Council of State definitively allowed the (controversial) construction of a large tennis park (Amstelpark) on a piece of undeveloped land.

Amstelpark had existed since 1986 and since this year it has been located on Gustav Mahlerlaan (formerly Karel Lotsylaan) which is now the heart of Amsterdam’s Zuid-as. The tennis centre had to ‘move up’ at the wishes of the municipality to make way for a new, prestigious ABN/AMRO headquarters.

The birth of Amstelpark

Amstelpark moves permanently to its current location on the Koenenkade in 1996. As of that year, it operates 42 tennis courts, a swimming pool including sauna facilities, 12 squash courts, a spacious gymnasium, players’ quarters and several catering facilities. A unique complex whose allure is quickly being dubbed by some as the ‘Amsterdam Arena’ of the tennis world.

The sky-high ambition is evident from hosting the awe-inspiring Grolsch Open (ATP) tournament even before the park is officially opened. In the years that follow, Amstelpark Tennis develops as a formidable competitor to the other parks and manages to win over a growing audience.

The year 2004 marks an important milestone in Amstelpark’s past when the park’s two owners decided to go their separate ways. This results in a major policy change when, in 2007, it is decided to enrich the then current tennis and sports offer with a wellness centre that is unparalleled in the wider area. Although the name evolved over the years (Spa Zuiver – Zuiver Amsterdam), Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver saw the light of day on 25 June 2009 and it was former mayor Job Cohen in person who officially declared the centre open on this date.

Amstelpark now

Amstelpark has long been known as the leading tennis school in the Netherlands. The high-quality tennis lessons are given to people of all ages and levels. In addition to the performance tennis players who train in (semi) full-time programmes, there is also a great offer for the recreational tennis player. There is also the possibility of renting contract courts, participating in tennis camps, playing competition and winning tournaments.

No membership stop

At Amstelpark Tennis, we do not operate a membership freeze. That means our doors are wide open to anyone who wants to share the passion for tennis and join our vibrant community.

All year round

At Amstelpark, you can play tennis year-round. As the only tennis club in Amsterdam, Amstelpark offers the option of moving to indoor courts in poor weather conditions.

No mandatory participation in a bar shift

At Amstelpark, you don't have to worry about bar shifts, as the catering is completely handled by our professional team! This allows you as a member to fully enjoy playing tennis without any obligations.

Indoor courts

Indoor tennis at Amstelpark is played on Porous Cushion Court. A slow court type that comes close to tennis on gravel with respect to the bounce of the ball. The 11 indoor courts are used for tennis lessons, single court rentals and contract court rentals. Of course, these courts are also equipped with lighting so that tennis can be played throughout the day.

Outdoor courts

There is plenty of outdoor tennis at Amstelpark. With a total of 21 gravel courts equipped with lighting, outdoor tennis can be played to one's heart's content all week in good weather. Professional groundsmen are employed to ensure optimum court quality.


Tennis club Amstelpark in Amsterdam offers excellent facilities for tennis enthusiasts of all levels. Experience our park and discover that it is the perfect environment to improve your tennis skills.

Changing Rooms

Our tennis club offers the opportunity to change in comfortable changing rooms prior to a tennis lesson or match. Afterwards, you can shower in peace or have a drink at the Amstelpark Clubhouse.

Tennisdirect shop

The TennisDirect store offers all your tennis equipment and tennis apparel.The TennisDirect store offers all your tennis equipment and tennis apparel. The professional staff at this store can provide you with the best advice on rackets, clothing, footwear, tennis balls and stringing.


At Amstelpark Tennis you can enjoy our professional catering facilities. Take a seat in our cozy clubhouse or on our patio in the fresh air.


At Tennisclub Amstelpark, you don't have to worry about parking. We provide ample and convenient parking for our visitors.

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