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Would you like to get in touch with other members? In practice, it is sometimes quite difficult to find a tennis partner every week. Amstelpark likes to help you thank to our Amstelpark Whatsapp Group.

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Amstelpark WhatsApp group

The Amstelpark WhatsApp Group was created so members can get in touch with each other. By indicating your level and when you want to play, others can respond so you can reserve a court together. There are some rules for participating in the group:

1. This group is for members of Amstelpark only.

2. Unkind and disrespectful people are removed from the group without mercy.

3. The group is intended for players who (will) play at Amstelpark. We are not talking about other tennis venues in this group.

4. Advertisements, commercial expressions and promotional messages are not allowed.

5. The group is meant for making contact. You can book a tennis court via www.mijnamstelpark.nl

6. From time to time, we as group administrators will post notices of new tournaments, offers and/or events.

7. By signing up for the group, you agree to your name and phone number being visible to all group participants.

8. Post messages only in Dutch or English.

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Use the form below to sign up. We will add you to the group you will receive a message from via Whatsapp. The prerequisite is that you have Whatsapp installed on your phone.